Do Something

I remember back in 1978 when I was playing high school football, we ran a play where I pulled from my tight end position and led the wingback (yeah, that was a position back then) up the sideline. On this particular occasion, I hesitated to throw my block on the D-back because I didn’t want to miss. It was a close game and I didn’t want to screw up.

Well, that hesitation WAS the screw up. A linebacker caught up to the play and sent me flying which allowed the D-back to make the tackle for only a short gain. Had I made my block, it would have been a long-gainer. From the sideline I could clearly hear my coach yelling: “Rasmussen, do SOMETHING, even if it’s wrong.”

He was right. Instead of throwing the block, I did nothing and the play got blown up. Had I thrown the block, I had a decent chance of making it (I’d done it before). It wouldn’t have taken much to spring the runner; just a little contact would have done it. It’s a lesson I have kept all these years.

In working with business owners, I find that they often get into the same mindset. They don’t want to screw up, so they get vapor locked and do nothing. When I work with them, they often know what they should be doing, but they just need “permission” to make the move. Heck, they even sometimes have trouble deciding whether they should hire me. Yes or no….decide.

If you are a business owner, don’t get analysis paralysis. Make the best decision you can with the information that have and get moving. Either yes or no. It feels difficult at times, but it really is just that simple.

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