How to Experience More Success and Less Stress as an Entrepreneur

A Guest Article by Chelsea Lamb of

Being your own boss and setting your own stage for success can be the most exciting and rewarding way to make a living. However, being an entrepreneur is also really hard, and being personally responsible for the success or failure of a company can add stress to your daily life. If you’re aware of the risks and still want to make the jump to entrepreneurship, there are ways to prepare that will help lay a path to success and reduce the everyday stress that comes with it.

Setting Your Goals

When it comes to entrepreneurship, the best place to start is figuring out what you want your business to be. Some people come into it with a lifetime of passion for a certain industry, while others need to take time evaluating what they enjoy and are good at. Once you determine what kind of products or services you will provide, you’ll need to narrow your target audience to a niche. Figuring out these factors will help you know what kind of funding you’ll need (if any).

Determining a Business Structure

This part of entrepreneurship is not particularly riveting for most people, but it’s important nonetheless. The business structure you choose will affect how the government taxes your profits, how protected your personal assets are, and how you will go about your long-term plans for the business. Many new business owners go with a sole proprietorship, because it’s the simplest structure overall. Other common business structures include a partnership, limited liability company (LLC), S corporation, and C corporation.

Hiring a Web Developer

You’re probably aware that in today’s world, a good website for your small business is a must. While there are many website platforms that offer free services these days, making your site stand out among the competition may require a little more effort. For most businesses, this means hiring a web developer to tackle creating a professional online presence.

One of the better solutions is hiring a JavaScript developer. Making good use of JavaScript can significantly boost your ROI and impress a wide range of customers. Also, JavaScript is mobile-friendly, so the look and function of your site will be consistent across various devices (e.g., computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

A professional JavaScript developer can make your site more dynamic and showcase the products you want to push the most. However, choosing the right expert is critical to ensuring you don’t waste your money, so make sure that any candidate you’re considering is proficient in the following:

Utilizing Payroll, Time and Attendance, and HR Solutions

At some point—whether it’s when you’re starting your business or down the road as you add employees—you will likely need help in the areas of payroll, time and attendance, and HR. As G & A Partners explains, outsourcing can be your best solution in this regard. Otherwise, shuffling tax tables, sorting HR rules and regulations, and even time tracking can become unwieldy prospects, when your time and energy would be better spent on other tasks.

Creating a Workspace

It’s more common than ever for entrepreneurs to work from home. It not only saves money on office space, but it also comes with ultimate flexibility and freedom, and it doesn’t require a commute. If you’re willing to put in a little extra effort to stay motivated and focused on your work, then setting up a comfortable workspace at home that inspires productivity is likely to be your best option. Just be sure to get everything you need to stay comfortable and productive, such as a quality chair and desk, as well as any supplies and decor you need to fulfill your tasks and distinguish the area from the rest of the home.

Starting your own business won’t be easy. But you can put yourself in a position to succeed and mitigate stress by establishing clear goals, choosing the best structure for your business, and investing in a professional website. Finally, be sure to set up an adequate workspace at home, and consider HR solutions to make your operations more efficient.

If you’re having difficulty getting started or your business hasn’t prospered as much as you’d like, it’s time to seek outside guidance. Fairway Business Advisors can help your business succeed by offering coaching in strategic planning, leadership, financial analysis, process improvement, and more.

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